Worcester bus driver injured when bus crashes into Auburn home

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A Worcester Regional Transit Authority bus struck a house in Auburn, Massachusetts, Monday with enough force to move the home 7-feet off of its foundation. Authorities are still trying to figure out what happened before the bus ran across a lawn. Authorities say that the driver may have had some kind of medical emergency, or possibly a mechanical failure was involved in the motor vehicle accident.

Police say that information retrieved from the data recorder in the bus indicates that it was traveling a 38 miles per hour just before it slammed into the home. Authorities say that it appears that the brakes were not used before the bus slammed into the home.

Bus officials say that the 27-year-old driver, a Worcester resident, is experienced in driving a school bus and went through eight weeks of training with the WRTA bus service. He was driving the bus for the first time after his training.

The driver suffered the most serious injuries in the wreck, including fractures and lacerations. Emergency responders say that the driver was trapped in the bus, with the vehicle and the weight of the house impeding the rescue effort. Crews took roughly one-hour-and-15 minutes to free the driver from the wreckage.

Reports indicate that about four passengers were aboard the bus. Witnesses say that the passengers escaped serious injury, although it is not clear what the total extent of any injuries may be for the passengers. A woman was in the house with three children. None of the residents were seriously injured.

The investigation continues.

If a mechanical issue causes a crash, many different questions can arise, ranging from questions about the design of the vehicle to the maintenance of a vehicle. Generally, work-related injuries may be handled differently from those involving negligence. But, determining details surrounding any type of wreck can help accident victims in finding important answers over the cause.

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