What pictures should you take after a car accident?

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In the aftermath of a car accident, the moments that follow are key for documenting the scene accurately. While emotions may run high, it is important to focus on gathering visual evidence that can aid in insurance claims and investigations.

Exploring the types of pictures you should take after a car accident can help you create a comprehensive record of the incident.

Overall scene overview

Begin by taking wide-angle shots of the entire accident scene. Capture the positioning of vehicles, road conditions and any relevant landmarks. This establishes context and helps reconstruct the sequence of events. Ensure to include traffic signs and signals, providing a comprehensive view of the environmental factors that may have contributed to the accident.

This also helps establish the time of the day for later, such as nighttime or early morning. In fact, 35% of deadly vehicle accidents in America happen between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Vehicle damage

Move closer to the involved vehicles to document the extent of damage. Capture detailed shots of each vehicle from multiple angles, emphasizing any dents, scratches or broken parts. Include the license plates in these photos to aid in identifying the vehicles involved.

License and registration

Photograph the license plates, registration stickers and inspection decals of all vehicles involved. These images can be important for confirming vehicle ownership and ensuring that the information matches the details provided by the parties involved.

Skid marks and debris

Document any skid marks on the road surface and the placement of debris. These details can provide insights into the speed and trajectory of the vehicles at the time of the collision. Note any tire marks, broken glass or displaced objects.

The time immediately after a collision is often full of anxiety and confusion. By capturing these suggested types of photos, you can help streamline the resolution of the crash.


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