How can distractions influence prescription errors?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Blog, Medical Malpractice

Visiting a doctor’s office when you need a prescription is often seen as a source of relief and recovery. But when this doctor fails to give you a correct prescription, it can lead to serious pain.

One major source of this problem is doctors dealing with distraction while filling out the necessary medical forms. Noticing the ways this happens can help you after suffering from medical malpractice.

Lack of attention while writing

According to the National Library of Medicine, mistaking one medicine name for another similar one is a common problem when it comes to prescription errors. A doctor may glance away as they write the prescription or simply fail to check to make sure they are using the correct name or getting the right dosage.

Interruptions from others

When doctors need to constantly leave the room or talk about other issues with medical staff, it may show a level of neglect when it comes to your prescription. They could also seem uninterested in helping you or try to wrap up your appointment early.

No chances for questions

A distracted doctor may fail to look at your medical chart to make sure that your new prescription will not react dangerously when combined with your other prescriptions. By speeding through the visit and not asking you any questions or informing you how to safely take the medicine, they could put you in danger.

No matter what level of malpractice you face, knowing more about distractions during an appointment and how they can influence the amount of care you get is key.


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