Burn types, their severity and their treatments

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Burns are an injury any of us may sustain in any number of situations. In the workplace, out camping or even in a car accident, it is important to know what damage fire can do to us and how to approach treatment.

Understanding these basics may help you address the immediate emergency of a burn injury as well as anticipate what kind of care and cost lies ahead of you afterward.

Burn types

Burns can occur via several mediums. When we think of burns, we often think of fire. These are thermal burns, but burns are also possible through radiation, chemicals or electricity. Some of these mediums require different methods to stop. Chemical burns, for example, may require an opposing acid or base to neutralize them.

Burn severity

Most burns typically affect the skin and the degree of burns measures how much of your skin a burn affects. First-degree burns affect the outer layer like mild sunburns or touching your hand to a hot stove for a brief second. Third-degree burns destroy skin and may even damage muscles and bones.

Burn solutions

Many first-degree burns simply require a cold compress and a bandage. You may need to elevate your burn and see a doctor for a second-degree burn. Third-degree burns require immediate, emergency care.

Each of these burn types and burn severities impacts you in unique ways and may require specialized medical attention. When seeking compensation over a burn injury due to negligence, there are resources available to learn about your unique case to identify potential solutions.


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