3 Misconceptions about workers’ compensation

Many people do not file workers’ compensation claims because of various myths surrounding the subject. These misconceptions scare those who are afraid of losing their job or are overly loyal to their employers. However, these are just false claims.

Here is the truth about some common misconceptions regarding workers’ compensation.

1. Only on-site injuries qualify

It is common for people to believe that they will only receive benefits for injuries occurring on their job site. However, any bodily harm due to a job-related activity is eligible for workers’ compensation, even if it was off-site.

2. Benefits only apply to specific providers

In most cases, individuals can choose their provider and submit a written statement notifying their employer of who will be providing their treatment. Individuals who do not have a preferred physician can often choose from a list provided by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

3. Bosses can fire workers for claims

Whether someone has a catastrophic injury or fell victim to a pandemic, it does not matter what their employer thinks. Employers pay for workers’ compensation insurance to provide for injured workers. Any employers who try to prevent a claim or fire a worker for one will face legal repercussions. State labor laws protect workers from getting fired due to an injury.

Anyone with a work-related injury should first seek medical treatment. Then, they need to notify their employer of the incident promptly. Despite these and other common misconceptions, workers’ compensation will cover this treatment and help individuals recover.


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