How can damage to the front of the head manifest?

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Though head injuries will impact a victim in many different and often unexpected ways, some of the results are somewhat predictable.

This is due to the location of the injury itself corresponding with the parts of the body or mind that that area of the brain controls.

Why these changes happen

Physiopedia talks about injury to the frontal lobe. This area of the brain controls things like personality and behavior formation, functional memory, executive functions, concentration, impulse control, abstract thinking and working memory.

It also controls many muscular functions such as the voluntary scanning movements of eyes, sensorimotor integration, preparation for movement, smooth movement control, and overall control of voluntary movement of the body’s muscles.

Movement, memory and behavioral changes

As such, the impacts these victims will see the most typically revolve around their movement, memory and personality or behavior.

For example, many victims will seem increasingly agitated or aggressive after the accident. Some may lash out at others or say and do things that seem egregious and out of character.

Others could struggle with memory formation or loss. Injuries to this area tend to disrupt a person’s ability to form long-term memories, which can create major problems in life and in work.

Muscular control may diminish as well, with head injury victims experiencing issues like muscle spasms, loss of rigidity, difficulties with movement and trouble with vision as related to the frontal eye fields in particular.

These impacts can seriously alter a person’s life, potentially for years or even a lifetime. Thus, it is important for them to understand the path to healing ahead so they can better prepare for it.


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