How can a back injury impact you?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Suffering from a back injury can end up taking you out of work for a short period of time, and for many people, this is where the concerns end.

But in reality, a back injury can actually have a much bigger impact than just missing a few days of work. How do these injuries fully impact your life?

The inflammation phase

Cleveland Clinic discusses common back injuries. Most back injuries happen due to straining the back, or because of falls and slips, i.e. impact injuries. Common injuries to the back include sprains, strains, fractured or broken vertebrae, slipped discs and pinched nerves or other forms of nerve damage.

The mildest of back injuries still take a few days to get through the inflammation phase. This is the phase that requires victims to stay as immobile as possible and rest up. If you do too much work and stress your back too much while the injury remains inflamed, you can easily end up worsening the injury or even creating new ones.

Time away from work vs. medical costs

This is where the problems start. Moderate to severe back injuries can have inflammatory phases that last weeks or even months. In short, unless a doctor approves you for an abbreviated form of work, you may be facing the possibility of weeks or months without a full paycheck.

Of course, this gets exacerbated further if you have to put money into medical expenses like treatments. Many people with severe back pain and injuries even have to face the possibility of expensive surgery to aid in a more full recovery.

To that end, a back injury can have devastating impacts on your finances and your entire life, which is why many who get injured on the job end up seeking compensation.


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