Different ways fog can cause a traffic accident

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

On the road, you need to stay alert and look out for any hazard that could result in a crash. Sometimes, accidents occur due to the negligence of other drivers, but weather can also lead to motor vehicle collisions. In fact, fog is especially dangerous, and poor visibility can result in an accident.

It is crucial to go over statistical data on fog-related accidents in order to realize the prevalence of these collisions and focus on safety whenever visibility is poor.

Data on fog and traffic collisions

The Federal Highway Administration states that fog-related accidents cause over 16,300 traffic crash injuries and result in the loss of more than 600 lives each year. Moreover, the FHWA states that more than 38,700 vehicle accidents happen during foggy conditions on an annual basis. In addition, other risks can result in poor visibility, such as dust, smoke and wind-driven snow.

Fog and traffic accident risk factors

As a driver, you need to realize the different ways in which fog can lead to a motor vehicle crash. For example, fog can prevent drivers from seeing other vehicles or hazards on the road. Additionally, fog can lead to speed variance, which causes many accidents. When vehicles travel at significantly different speeds, an accident can occur, especially if drivers have difficulty seeing what is in front of them.

If another driver’s reckless behavior caused an accident during foggy conditions, you need to hold them answerable. For example, a speeding driver who showed no regard for the safety of others during low visibility must answer for their actions.


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