Proving your back injury deserves workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Back injuries on the job may affect the rest of your life. Massachusetts General Laws c.152 § 25A states that all employers must offer workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. However, there are various ways your employer might attempt to block or discontinue your payments.

If you suffered a back injury, continue reading to learn more about what to expect from your employer’s insurance. You do not want to get a surprise when you think payments are coming.

Wear and tear does not always count

Due to the nature of back injuries, compensation may be harder to acquire. For instance, if you suffer from wear and tear over a period, typically, your employer does not have to cover your medical bills. Though you may believe your disc degeneration results from your work, this may not be easy to prove. Consult with your attorney about establishing that your labor exacerbated or sped up the process of you suffering from back problems.

Single event injuries do better for payouts

A workplace accident suffered during one single event is more likely to payout. It is easier to prove your work caused the damage, even if you had previous disc degeneration or other chronic problems. Single event injuries become the significant cause even when it is not the most important reason for your back problems. If your back goes out while lifting objects one day, you should recover some benefits no matter your previous condition.

There is no guarantee that things will always work out in your favor with legal and medical issues. However, if you contact an experienced attorney and understand your rights, you have a better chance of receiving compensation for your back injury.


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