How many falls involve older adults?

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If you are an older adult, or you worry about your loved one’s safety, it is important to go over statistics on older adults and fall-related accidents. At an older age, fall victims have an especially high chance of suffering a serious injury. Moreover, the consequences of an injury can shatter the lives of victims in many ways, whether they lose the ability to live independently, struggle with high levels of pain or struggle with costly medical expenses.

It is helpful to look at statistics on falls, especially those involving older adults, to understand the prevalence of these accidents.

Data on falls involving older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published data on older adult falls (those 65 and over) in comparison to the overall number of falls. In Massachusetts, roughly 25.9% of older adults fell during 2018, compared to 20% of people from all age groups, based on reports. In other states, an even higher percentage of older adults fell during 2018. For example, 33.9% of older adults reportedly fell down in Texas throughout 2018.

Other statistics on older adults and falls

The CDC states that across the U.S., 28% of older adults fall on an annual basis. Moreover, estimates suggest that 8 million sustain fall-related injuries each year, and roughly 37% of these falls lead to injuries that restrict the victim’s activities or require medical attention.

Older adults fall for a host of reasons, from slick surfaces to clutter and broken steps. If you suffered an injury after falling, focus on your recovery, especially if the accident affected your finances.


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