What are physical signs of a TBI?

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After suffering from a head injury, you are also likely to deal with injury to the brain, too. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint signs of a brain injury. But with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the signs are often easier to notice.

While TBI signs come in many forms, physical signs are likely the first you will see. Thus, it is crucial to recognize them.

Visible signs of TBIs

According to Mayo Clinic, TBI signs manifest in different ways. The physical signs often appear first. Both victims and witnesses tend to notice them before any other sign. As a witness, you may notice that the victim has unevenly dilated pupils. They could also have clear fluid draining from the ears or nose.

In severe cases, victims might also display disordered consciousness. This could manifest in blacking out or passing out periodically. The victim might even fall into a coma.

A victim may also notice physical indicators of a TBI quickly. One big red flag is a headache that worsens significantly over time instead of getting better. This headache could start off debilitating, with sharp pain or throbbing.

Victims might also experience dizziness, nausea and vomiting. They might have numbness or tingling in the extremities too, especially the hands and feet. They could struggle with balance and experience vertigo.

Invisible signs

They might also have disordered sensory experiences. This can include tinnitus or a ringing in the ears. They may also struggle to smell or taste things in the proper way. Any of these signs could indicate a TBI and require immediate medical attention, which you should seek to prevent lasting damage.


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