What are the top injuries in an average office?

Millions of Americans work in office environments. Most people, if you asked them to name a dangerous work environment, would not think of the innocuous office. However, thousands of American workers suffer injuries in office environments each year.

Understanding the most common office injuries and their causes can protect your livelihood. According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the most common accident in the office environment is falling, while poor workstation ergonomics is also a common injury-causing culprit.


Did you know that the average office worker is over 2 times more likely to fall and sustain injury as a result compared to Americans that do not work in an office environment? There are several common causes of this injury. They include tripping over open file drawers or desks, reaching for something while in an unstable chair and trying to use a chair in place of a ladder.

Make sure to be fully aware of your environment when you are walking around your office. If you see any open file drawers, close them. Report any loose carpeting or electrical cords strung across hallways to administrators.


Spending too much time seated in a workstation that does not fit your body can cause injury. Make sure that you set up your workstation properly, and ensure that your chair fully supports your back and is at the right height. You should also ensure to get up from your chair at least every half hour to stretch. If there is excessive glare on your computer monitor screen, make sure to adjust the window blinds.


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