Did your crash cause a personality change?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Massachusetts drivers like may suffer from traumatic injuries after an accident. Of the injuries drivers face, injuries to the head, neck and back are most common. Of head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen often.

TBIs affect individuals in vastly different ways. They can also impact you on physical, mental, behavioral and emotional levels. But can they change your personality?

How TBIs affect your health

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact of traumatic brain injuries on various aspects of your life. One of the issues many TBI sufferers face is a “changed personality”. This can look different for every sufferer, as the extent of the changes depends on the location of your injury and how severe it is.

In most cases, your personality is not completely changed, either. This is a reference to major and unexpected differences in your behavior before and after the crash. For example, many victims who suffer from injuries to the frontal lobe become more impulsive and rash after a crash. Why? Because the frontal lobe is responsible for your inhibitions and self-control. When damaged, you are more likely to act out without thinking.

TBIs and anger outbursts

The sudden development of an unstable temper is another big issue. It can feel traumatizing for a loved one to have you suddenly lash out at them, especially if outbursts of anger do not align with your character. But this is one of the most common changes, along with an increase in anxiety, depression and pessimism. You often struggle to cope with daily stress and this reflects in your inability to tolerate small grievances.

Though it is hard to adjust to, these changes also often go away with time. This does not make the period in which you deal with these issues any less traumatic, though.


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