How should companies react to workplace injuries?

You hurt yourself at work recently, and while your employer has workers’ compensation, that does not mean the company knows the proper way to respond to a workplace accident. Missing a single step could put you in danger or violate your rights.

Familiarize yourself with the proper response to a workplace injury so you know if your employer overlooked anything. You should not suffer more than necessary because of another’s negligence.

Provide medical attention

One of the first things employers should do upon learning a worker sustained an injury is to provide medical attention. No matter the overall severity of the injury, employers should encourage employees to see a physician to ensure the injury is not serious.

Create a report

Companies must file workers’ compensation reports when they learn of an employee injury. Employers who have workers’ compensation must provide injured workers with a claim form and report the injury to the insurance provider. Employers violate the law by refusing to give injured workers a claim form if they request one.

Work with the insurance company

When the workers’ comp insurance provider responds to a claim, employers must cooperate with them. Specifically, companies have to turn over all requested documentation and paperwork to the claims processor, but no other party.

Retain injured employees

Once you recover from your injury, your company must bring you back into the fold. It is illegal for businesses to fire or otherwise punish injured workers who file a workers’ comp claim.

Did your employer do everything right in responding to your recent injury? Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to protect yourself while you recover.


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