The tougher vaping laws resulted from lung injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Personal Injury

In 2019, many horror stories about vaping spread through the internet like wildfire. Some vape pens exploded in people’s faces and shattered jaws. Others started fires in people’s pockets. Even many of the people who did not suffer serious accidents developed other complications over time.

According to CNBC, Massachusetts subsequently launched America’s strictest ban on vaping and tobacco products. This decision reportedly resulted from the development of lung injuries in the youth population.

MA was not alone

Truthfully, Massachusetts was one of several states that put in place bans after new evidence surfaced that vape pens contributed to a respiratory illness. It killed 47 people and sickened 2,300. These bans received bipartisan support and many people later pushed for a federal decision, but industry workers’ concerns about job loss allegedly put an end to the initial push at the federal level.

After the ban lift

According to NBC Boston, the ban lifted earlier than scheduled in December and allowed retailers to sell unflavored vape and tobacco products. Massachusetts then became the first state to put permanent restrictions in place. All other states, at the time, only had temporary restrictions. Massachusetts also made it mandatory for health insurers to cover the cost of counseling related to quitting tobacco products.

As new concerns arise about the respiratory health of Americans, it might become some time before Massachusetts lifts these new restrictions. In fact, it is possible it might never do so at all. For some people, the increased cost of smoking might provide the push they need to finally kick the habit. However, many others might continue to push for an end to the state’s restrictions.


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