Why C-sections should be medically necessary

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Advanced technology and increased knowledge and experience have prompted advances in the medical industry that may help you and your family stay healthier. For instance, surgeons can perform operations today that no one had even heard of a few decades ago. When man’s progress moves so fast, however, there’s a danger of taking certain things for granted or overlooking potential risks.

If you’re pregnant, you’ve hopefully been attending prenatal visits with a Massachusetts obstetrician or midwife who is carefully monitoring your and your baby’s condition. You may have heard of people scheduling C-sections out of convenience. Most medical safety experts agree, this is not a good idea. If your doctor recommends a C-section, you have the right to question the recommendation to make sure it is medically necessary.

Invasive surgery

Any time a surgeon makes an incision in your body, you are having an invasive surgery. During a C-section, your obstetrician will make an incision in your abdomen so that he or she can access the uterus and deliver your baby. Both you and your child are at risk during the procedure.

Over the past few decades, there’s been an increase in the number of C-sections in Massachusetts and in other states, as well. If you believe your doctor has recommended a procedure that is unnecessary, you can seek a second medical opinion.

What are the risks?

As with all invasive surgeries, you’re at risk for infection during recovery. There are other serious, perhaps even life-threatening risks involved with C-section deliveries. There’s a risk for organ damage. If the surgeon makes a mistake, he or she may accidentally puncture your bowel or bladder.

A C-section increases the likelihood of developing adhesions or thick scar tissue that can cause serious safety risks and health complications in future pregnancies. The maternal mortality rate is higher among mothers who have C-section deliveries.

Emotional factors

Not all injuries are physical. Many women report failure to bond with their babies after giving birth through C-sections. This is another reason it’s always best to thoroughly discuss with your doctor whether the procedure is medically necessary in your case. There are definitely emergency situations where a C-section might save your life or your baby’s life.

However, such situations lead to litigation when parents seek financial accountability against doctors, nurses or hospital administrators whose negligence resulted in maternal or infant injury.


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