Dealing with a repetitive strain injury

People sustain many different types of injuries while they are working, whether someone is injured due to debris falling on them while they are working on a construction site or someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision while performing their job duties. However, some injuries may occur after prolonged exposure to various job-related stressors. Repetitive strain injuries may seem relatively minor, at least in comparison to falling off of a building or being struck by another vehicle at high speeds. However, these injuries can be very debilitating and have shattered the lives of countless workers across Massachusetts.

People employed in a variety of fields may suffer a repetitive stress injury. For example, an office worker may suffer an injury because they are frequently typing, or someone who has to lift large objects throughout the day may sustain an injury to their back after years of working. These injuries can not only keep someone from continuing in their position, but they can disrupt life in a lot of different ways. For example, they may not be able to participate in physical activities they enjoy and they may have a lot of financial problems due to their condition.

Those who have been injured as a result of repetitive strain should not wait to look into their options. There may be a number of different resources available to people who are struggling with these hardships, such as workers’ comp benefits which could help them restore some of the normalcy that they have lost.


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