Understanding the scope of your workers’ compensation policy

When you are going through the process of being recruited for a new job in Massachusetts, you will spend as much time interviewing your potential employer as they will spend interviewing you. One of the areas that you should ask about is how their workers’ compensation policy works. Once hired, a good employer will spend considerable time making sure you understand your rights in the event you are injured on the job. At Ellis Law Offices LLP, we have been able to help injured workers to utilize the maximum of their workers’ compensation policy. 

Preventing an accident and its subsequent injury from happening in the first place is a team effort between you and your employer. As you begin receiving training for your job, you should also be educated about the risks and hazards of the responsibilities you are required to perform as part of your job description. Additionally, it is your responsibility to abide by the regulations and protocols that have been given to you, to protect your own safety and well-being, as well as that of the people around you. 

According to Gusto, workers’ compensation policies are priced differently depending on the industry and the unique hazards faced by the workers. This means that in pricing out the benefits and the scope of your policy, your employer and their insurance agent will look closely at the level of risk that you assume when you are working each day. Based on the nature of your responsibilities and how much you are paid to accomplish those tasks, your policy will be priced accordingly. 

When you are aware of the purpose of your workers’ compensation benefits and put forth your best effort to stay safe at work, you can be more confident in your ability to get the most out of your policy. For more information, if you have been injured in the workplace, visit our web page.  


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