What factors go into spinal cord injury recovery?

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Damage to the spinal cord can result in dramatic life-altering consequences. Some injuries result in varying forms of paralysis from which there is no chance of recovery. However, other spinal cord injuries can be less severe in nature, and regaining some independence and quality of life is possible. According to John Hopkins Medicine, whether a patient in Massachusetts can successfully complete spinal cord rehabilitation will depend on a number of factors.

The nature of the injury itself is going to be a critical factor. Some spinal cord injuries are so severe that full healing is not possible. The nature of the disabilities resulting from the spinal cord damage will also impact a person’s ability to rehabilitate. The general health of the patient may make it easier or harder to undergo rehabilitation. A person who is otherwise quite healthy will generally find it easier to regain independence than someone who is sickly.

In addition to medical factors, the logistical support offered by family and friends is also crucial. A patient who enjoys a lot of help from family during the rehabilitation process is more likely to succeed than someone with few if no family connections and little help from friends. Family assistance works for a patient on many levels, such as helping the patient move around, providing food and drink, assisting in exercises, among other activities.

The goal of spinal cord rehabilitation is to restore as much independence as possible. The hope is that the patient will be more physically and emotionally healthy than the patient was shortly after the injury was sustained. To that end, the patient should try to improve his or her independence in a home setting as well as out in the community. Improvements can help promote self-esteem and a drive to progress further.

Since spinal cord injuries may differ greatly from person to person, do not consider this article to be legal advice. It is only intended to inform the reader about personal injury topics.


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