Man dies in running engine of crane

Anyone in Massachusetts who works in the construction industry knows that there are many dangers on a job site. Working in close proximity to or even directly with large and heavy machinery items like cement mixers, forklifts, backhoes, excavators and more is one of the things that may put a construction worker in harm’s way. Safety protocol should always be in place to ensure that workers are not inadvertently injured or killed.

Unfortunately for construction workers, their colleagues and their family members, there are times when even the best safety program fails to protect a person from an accident and its effects. Such seems to be the case for one family who lost their loved one in an incident on a site in New Hampshire recently. reported that the man was performing some maintenance on a crane when he somehow was swallowed by the engine of the machine. It is not clear if he was working alone or if other construction workers were onsite at the time. The owner of the property on which the work was being performed is the one who found him. The deceased workers had been in the construction industry for multiple decades and owned a business with his sons. The company worked in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Family members who lose their relatives in these types of incidents may want to talk with an attorney in Massachusetts to learn if they may be able to seek death benefits from the state’s workers’ compensation program.




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