What medical risks are associated with spinal cord injuries?

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No one gets on a motorcycle thinking that they will be involved in an accident. And certainly, motorcyclists do not expect to suffer a serious, life-altering injury if they are involved in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, many severe injuries are associated with these accidents, impacting individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere. One of these injuries is a spinal cord injury.

What medical risks are associated with spinal cord injuries? A spinal cord injury is likely to result in partial or full paralysis of the body. In addition, this injury also impacts the immune system. A spinal cord injury paralyzes the immune system, making it difficult to fight of infections such as pneumonia. In fact, Pneumonia is considered to be a major cause of death in patients suffering from an acute or chronic spinal cord injuries.

Because there are serious risks of disabling infections associated with spinal cord injuries, much research has been focused on decreasing this risk. A current research suggests that therapeutic normalization of glucocorticoid and catecholamine imbalances could be a promising treatment for spinal cord injury sufferers.

Preventing infections is just one of the many medical interventions that is likely to occur following a spinal cord injury. Medical treatments, surgeries and rehabilitation often follow these injuries, which also means accumulating medical bills. Spinal cord injury victims should understand that they have legal courses available to them in the event that a negligent party caused the accident and their resulting injuries. A personal injury action not only holds a negligent driver accountable for the crash but also helps with the recovery of compensation, which could be used to offset the hardships caused by medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and other damages.

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