Man injured when attempting to cross the road with family

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With holiday celebrations in full swings, residents in Massachusetts and elsewhere have a busy schedule completing all their holiday activities. While this typically includes decorating the house, buying gifts, attending parties and going to family gatherings, it also means traveling to places to see the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Because of that, many individuals and families find themselves outside walking near traffic. While it is not uncommon for motorists to encounter pedestrians, they may not be prepared to deal with the influx of pedestrians during this time of year.

According to recent reports, a pedestrian accident recently occurred in Holliston. Preliminary reports suggest that the accident happened when a 39-year-old man from Worcester was at the Fatima Shrine on route 126 visiting the Christmas light display and attempted to cross the road. During this attempt, however, the man was struck by a SUV.

Based on police reports, the man was not alone at the time of this crash. He was crossing the road with his wife and daughter in an attempt to get to their parked vehicle. The man was the only named victim of the crash and he was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

Investigation is still ongoing. It is not clear whether any citations have been issued or if police suspect a cause. Once investigation is complete, authorities should be able to determine cause and liability.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important to understand your rights and options. This could mean filing a personal injury action. This not only helps with holding a negligent motorist accountable but also with the collection of compensation. This monetary award could help offset financial damages related to the crash.

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