Taking action following a slip and fall accident

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Upon entering the property of another person, we are usually under the impression that certain steps have been taken to ensure our safety. This remains true regardless of whether the property is a private residence, public store, restaurant or government building. Unfortunately, some property owners fail to take proper precautions, which could result in a serious injury to a visitor or patron of the property. Failing to clear the floor of spills and debris is the frequent culprit of a slip and fall accident.

Slipping and falling might seem like a minor event. However, depending on the cause of the slip and how a victim falls, it could result in an individual suffering serious injuries. At Ellis Law Offices, LLP, our experienced legal team understands the pain and suffering that can follow a slip and fall incident. We also understand how negligent property owners often cause these events. Because of that, our law firm is dedicated to serving individuals in Massachusetts, helping them navigate a personal injury action.

Suffering a fall is a shocking event. At first you can’t believe it just happened. Then, the pain begins to set in. You assess yourself, realizing that various parts of your body are injured. Some of these injuries are caused by your attempt to brace yourself. However, the most severe injuries occur where your body can into contact with the ground. Our law firm sympathizes with our clients, understanding that they never expected to be in this situation. Thus, we focus on the details of the incident. This helps us unfold the events, gaining a clear picture of what caused the slip and fall.

With the use of investigative reports, medical documents, witness accounts and expert testimony, our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys may be able to discern how the accident happened and who was at fault. Our goal is to guide our clients through the process so they can make a strong legal claim against a negligent party.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s slip and fall website. Even if these incidents seem minor or you simply believe it was just an accident, it is still important to gain a full and complete perspective on the matter.


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