One killed in a four-car crash in Massachusetts

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While automobiles are very convenient for travel, they do pose many risks. Unfortunately, not all drivers are safe and follow the rules of the road. Distractions occur and fatigue happens, making car accidents a real possibility at any point a person is traveling on the roadways.

According to reports, a recent four-car collision in New Bedford resulted in three people being injured and one being killed. Massachusetts State Police believe the accident began with a sideswipe crash between a Buick and a Lexus on Route 140 North. Occurring at 2:40 a.m., the crash resulted in the Lexus veering off of the road. The 35-year-old female driving the Buick stopped in the left lane of the road. Reports claim that the car might have been disabled and the lights were not on while the vehicle was stopped.

Soon after the initial collision, a third car, a Nissan traveling in the left lane, collided with the disabled Buick. Following this collision, the 39-year-old male passenger in the Buick exited the vehicle to check on the driver of the Lexus. While attempting to cross the road, he was struck by a Toyota. He was later reported dead.

This fatal four-car crash resulted in the death of one passenger and injured three of the drivers involved. Investigation is still ongoing and no charges were filed in the initial aftermath of the accidents. Police have not made any speculations about causes or possible citations. Once the investigation is complete, the authorities will be able to determine cause and liability.

Following a fatal crash, family members might be seeking answers to many questions. If the investigation proves that the negligence of another party caused the crash, it might be possible to hold him or her liable through a wrongful death lawsuit. This could also help with the recovery of compensation, which could be used to offset losses and damages arising from the incident.

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