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It’s a scary thought thinking about surgery. It is something you believe you can go without ever needing in life, but when our health fails, we are injured or we are living with a condition or a disease, surgery can be necessary. Although it is an overwhelming and scary situation, it could also be life-saving as well. Unfortunately, surgeons are humans subject to human errors. This means, despite their education and expertise, surgical errors could occur. A patient could suffer tremendously even if the mistake is minor or simple.

Based on current data, roughly 250,000 deaths occur each year because of medical errors. These errors are not a result of a surgeon’s or doctor’s lack of ability or insight; however, these errors tend to occur because of the variations in practices used by doctors, the underuse of safety precautions and poorly coordinated patient care among medical professionals

Because surgeons likely go through multiple surgeries each day, week and month, their caseloads tend to merge together at times. This can be the culprit of wrong-site surgeries. It could also be the source of a surgeon operating on the wrong person. Such situations can be disastrous and even life threatening. A patient receiving the wrong surgery not only means they did not receive the surgery they were at the hospital from, they now have to recover from the surgery they just went through. Additionally, the surgery could cause health complications itself or because of the delay it caused their original surgery.

If you have been harmed because of a surgical error, it is important to understand your situation and rights. By fully investigating the matter, you can gain a full picture, helping you understand what happened and by whom. With this information, an injured patient could file a medical malpractice suit. This not only helps them hold a negligent surgeon accountable but also helps them recover compensation for their losses and damages.

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