Fight for your rights after a diagnostic error

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When you are ill or injured, your first instinct is to seek medical attention. We rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals to properly assess our health and determine an appropriate course of treatment. When treating patients in Massachusetts and elsewhere, medical professionals are required to meet a certain standard of care. If this standard is not met, whether due to negligence or errors, a patient could suffer much harm.

In order to treat a patient, a doctor needs to make a diagnosis. However, if it is not the proper diagnosis, it could have grave results on a patient. When a doctor fails to diagnose a patient, he or she is likely to endure a worsened condition or even develop new medical conditions. At Ellis Law Office, LLP, our experienced attorneys understand the damage medical negligence can cause. Thus, we are dedicated to advocating for patients, helping them protect their rights following harmful diagnostic errors.

When patients suffer a medical event, such as a stroke, seizure or heart attack, it needs to be properly diagnosed and treated. Failing to do so could be very detrimental to the health of the patient. In cases where a patient is suffering from cancer, meningitis or any other life threatening condition or illness, time is of the essence. Failing to diagnose a patient could mean the disease progresses, spreads or causes a new medical problem.

Our law firm can collect the necessary documents, medical records and expert testimony to help determine next steps in a medical malpractice case. This could help a patient in their pursuit for compensation for their losses and damages.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s medical malpractice page. While being harmed by a doctor is the last thing on your mind when you seek medical attention, these events unfortunately occur. Therefore, it is imperative that patients understand their rights and ability to file a legal action.


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