Representing victims injured in slips and falls

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Slip And Fall

Massachusetts residents are accustomed to having to watch where they are going. In addition to having to be careful in parking lots, on the property of different business and even at the homes of their friends and family, there is also the reality that Massachusetts is a place where there are a lot of older, cracked sidewalks and other paved areas. Moreover, in the winter, it snows and freezes, so there is always a need to be mindful of slippery snow and ice during those colder months.

Although watching one’s step is always a good idea in this state, the law also requires private and public landowners to take reasonable precautions to care for their land so it is less likely that a visitor will slip and fall. This means that they have to clear up any unexpected snow and ice, especially if for some reason, ice gathers in a large patch on the ground for some reason.

They also have to make sure their stairs and guardrails are intact and properly working. Obviously, it is also necessary to keep paths well lit and free of slick stuff on the floor.

Failing in any one of these obligations could mean a visitor to a person’s property falls despite being careful about where he or she is going. While one hopes these sorts of falls cause little more than embarrassment, they have the potential to leave a person seriously injured, with a broken bone or worse.

When significantly injured by a slip and fall, a Massachusetts resident may be entitled to compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages, as well as his or her emotional pain and suffering or inconvenience. These cases, however, can be hard to prove, especially since the landowner will quickly correct an unsafe condition after someone gets hurt. That is way the attorneys at our law office will act quickly when they take on a new case to preserve evidence.


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