Injured workers can receive workers’ comp medical benefits

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Workers injured on the job in Massachusetts can receive a variety of benefits through workers’ compensation. Medical and other benefits may be available to injured workers. Burial, survival and dependent benefits may also be available to family members who have lost a loved one in a workplace accident. It is important for workers and their families to be thoroughly familiar with all the benefits that may be available to them following a workplace accident.

Workers may receive medical benefits if they qualify. To qualify for medical benefits, the worker must have suffered a workplace injury that requires medical treatment. Injured workers are entitled to adequate and reasonable medical care following the workplace injury or illness they have suffered. In addition, injured workers are entitled to receive prescription reimbursement and mileage reimbursement for trips for medical treatment for their work-related injury or illness.

For the worker’s initial visit for medical treatment to a doctor or hospital, the employer is permitted to designate the healthcare provider the injured worker is required to see. Following the initial visit, the worker can select their own healthcare providers for future treatment. It is important for the injured worker to report their illness to their employer so the claim can be properly handled through the workers’ compensation insurance company. The injured worker is eligible to receive medical treatment and benefits as long as workplace injury or illness they have suffered requires.

It is important for workers injured at work to know their rights related to workers’ compensation medical and other benefits. By knowing their rights and the benefits they are eligible to receive, workers can ensure they receive medical treatment and the benefits they are entitled to receive to help them following a workplace injury or illness.

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