A young boy is in serious condition after slip and fall

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A 9-year-old Taunton, Massachusetts, boy, injured while playing in a dumpster, had his condition upgraded from critical to serious at a Rhode Island Hospital on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. His head had become pinned between the dumpster’s lid and the unit’s frame as he was attempting to climb out of the dumpster the previous Sunday afternoon.

The young boy was unconscious when he was discovered dangling on the edge of the receptacle, located at the Taunton Gardens Apartment Complex at 819 County Street. A preliminary police investigation determined that the incident was caused by the boy losing his footing and has since been ruled an accident.

Upon discovery of his body, the boy was transported to the Galleria Mall parking lot. A MedFlight helicopter soon arrived to fly him to the Rhode Island Hospital where he remains.

In a written statement issued the day following the incident by First Realty Management, the management company for the Taunton Garden Complex Apartments, they acknowledged having been made aware of the boy’s accident. They extended their well wishes to the young boy and his family and vowed to provide he and his family with any support necessary.

Their statement also spoke to the maintenance oversight paid to the trash receptacle in question. They noted that, on all accounts, the unit was maintained in accordance with company policy. Despite this, they conceded that they would re-visit company protocol in light of what occurred. The realty company’s management at Ball Consulting Group declined disclosing the company’s dumpster protocols.

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