What form is used to contest workers’ compensation benefits?

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Nobody wants to get injured on the job, but for those who have suffered workplace injuries it’s helpful to know there is a place to turn for help. Whether accidents result in burns, head injuries, neck and back injuries or other injuries, the confusion and frustration that follow can seem almost as bad as the injury itself. Employers may be uncooperative, insurance companies may have their own agenda and legal misinformation and rumors can cloud an injured worker’s view of things. Fortunately, there are many different workers’ compensation resources available for clearing up one’s case and obtaining needed benefits.

One such resource for injured workers in Massachusetts is the Employee Claim Form – Form 110. This important form can be utilized when a work accident victim believes he or she is not receiving the benefits to which they are entitled. The victim may have reason to believe they are not getting enough benefits, their benefits have been stopped or they may suspect their employer is trying to withhold benefits altogether. In any event, Form 110 can help – moreover, an attorney can take care of the filing process and conclude a disputed case.

Typically, documentation is needed with Form 110; the proper paperwork needs to go to both the insurer and the Department of Industrial Accidents. This is another area in which an attorney’s help can make a huge difference. Trying to gather the needed documentation in a timely manner – and ensuring it is the right documentation in the proper format – can be a sizable task to someone unfamiliar with the law. A Worcester workers’ compensation claims attorney can ensure legal tools such as Form 110 are used in a manner which maximizes their benefits.

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