Are workers’ compensation benefits affected by a second job?

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With the economy having been uncertain for several years now since the great recession, many in Worcester may be working more than one job. Some might be moonlighting for extra income in addition to their full-time job, while others might be underemployed and in need of two or more part-time jobs or freelance work to earn a sufficient income. Whatever the situation may be, a local workers’ compensation attorney can help those who have been injured at one of their jobs.

One common question is whether or not Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits are affected by a person having more than one job. If a person who is injured at their full-time job – and has to take time off from that full-time job to recover – is still able to work at their part-time gig, the injured worker can continue to work at their second job and receive their workers’ comp benefits. However, the injured party must report their earnings from that second job to the insurer for their full-time job.

This reporting will affect the benefits received. The work accident victim will typically receive partial benefits since they are earning income from a second job. Under state law, in order for the income earned at the second job to be considered part of the worker’s average weekly wage, that worker would have to be covered under workers’ comp insurance at their second job also.

While on the job, many different injuries can affect a worker, from neck and back injuries to repetitive stress ailments to catastrophic incidents. The benefits received for these accidents can all be affected by the injured worker’s employment for a different employer. Those who have been hurt in a workplace injury accident may want to take their questions to an attorney who can offer legal advice.

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