Motorcycle accidents likely to occur in certain common situations

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Driving defensively is something that is immensely helpful to a variety of travelers. This includes everyday commuters, truck drivers and motorcyclists. When it comes to avoiding accidents, everyone who uses the road has the responsibility of following the law. In addition to being a lawful driver, there are extra steps one can take to avoid dangerous and often deadly collisions with motorcycles.

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, safely sharing the road can involve anticipating when motorcycle collisions are most likely to occur. While accidents can happen in countless different types of situations and scenarios, there are some that are, unfortunately, particularly common. For vehicle drivers, they are most likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident when they are making a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle because bikes are more difficult to see than cars and trucks.

Another common scenario car drivers can watch out for is when a biker is traveling in one’s blind spot. Of course, any vehicle’s location in another driver’s blind spot can be a potential hazard, so drivers can benefit by always being aware of who is in their blind spot and when. In the same vein, drivers of large vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, RVs and other sizable modes of transport typically need to be extra careful regarding blind spots; changing lanes when a motorcycle is in one’s blind spot can produce a deadly wreck in the blink of an eye.

Yet another common scenario is when there are adverse weather or road conditions. While these may affect all drivers, they can be particularly threatening to bikers. Consequently, bikers may take actions that other drivers don’t expect. Motorists who are aware that bikers may take seemingly unusual actions on the road to avoid hazards are likely to enjoy safer trips than distracted drivers.

Not every accident on Massachusetts roads can be anticipated or prevented. Still, countless local motorcycle collisions are entirely preventable. When preventable accidents do occur, a Worcester personal injury attorney can be of assistance to injured motorcyclists or their families.

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