Three work accident victims at Worcester construction site

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Even in Massachusetts, construction is a year-round job for many local residents. Despite the colder temperatures, construction crews often work long hours under difficult conditions so that projects can be completed on-time and in a safe and sound manner. Safety is of extreme importance on any construction site, as serious and even fatal accidents can occur if even the tiniest breach of safety takes place.

Earlier this month, a construction platform known as a “scissor lift” toppled over at a Worcester construction site. Three workers were reportedly hurt in the accident, which took place on a weekday at the construction site for a new center for Worcester Academy. According to a spokesman for the academy, the injured men were not employees of the school and the lift in question was a rental.

From a repetitive stress injury to a devastating crush injury, work accident injuries can be debilitating and costly. Fortunately, there are legal options for those who have been hurt on the job in Massachusetts. A workers’ compensation attorney can be an excellent resource when one is injured, unable to work and in need of expensive medical care. Workers’ compensation benefits can typically cover much of the expenses involved in a work-related accident, but at times employers can be recalcitrant and unwilling to help injured employees.

A workers’ compensation attorney can be a solid ally during the difficult period following an injury. The stress of dealing with a claim can be largely taken off a worker’s shoulders if he or she secures an assertive attorney. For more information and for legal advice, a work accident victim can schedule an initial consultation with a local legal professional.

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