Dog bite attack sends Massachusetts infant to hospital

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Now that the weather has gotten colder, some might assume that the threat of a dog bite or animal attack is largely over, confined mainly to the summer months when more people are out and about. Unfortunately, though, a dog bite attack is a year-round threat for almost anyone. Recently in Massachusetts, a dog bite attack sent an infant to a local children’s hospital.

The incident took place inside an apartment in Fall River and culminated in the hospitalization of an 18-month-old. Apparently, a pit bull inside the unit bit the baby, and a woman inside the apartment told media that the two-year-old dog had the child in its grasp for about seven minutes. The dog may have caused permanent damage to the child’s ear, it was described as nearly severed and the child’s skull was even visible at some point. The dog only let loose after the woman’s boyfriend pulled on its groin area.

The child was rushed to Hasbro’s Children Hospital, while the dog was handed over to animal control. The family has indicated that they do not intend to bring the animal back into the house. According to neighbors, the dog has always appeared friendly and did not seem to be a threat. Fortunately, the child is expected to make a recovery despite the serious injury.

An animal bite injury can be emotionally and physically devastating to a small child or a victim of any age. The medical expenses may be enormous and holding the dog’s owner accountable can be difficult. As this incident demonstrates, even seemingly friendly dogs can pose a threat. With the holiday season coming up, and many local residents likely visiting others’ homes this time of year, it is helpful to be extra careful when bringing children and pets together. A Worcester personal injury attorney can aid a family whose child has been bitten and injured by another’s pet.

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