Grandmother dies in Worcester hospital after motorcycle accident

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Motorcycles are an extremely popular form of both recreation and transportation. There are, however, certain stereotypes about the type of people who ride motorcycles. When many people think of the terms motorcyclist or biker, they may picture a tough-looking man or a rebellious youth. In reality, all types of people ride motorcycles and thus many different people may become victims of motorcycle accidents.

Recently, a 50-year-old Connecticut woman died in a Worcester hospital after being severely injured in a motorcycle accident. The incident occurred on a Saturday afternoon when a Subaru Impreza’s driver, a 20-year-old man, apparently ran a stop sign. The female motorcyclist, who had recently become a grandparent and gotten married, was transported to a hospital and then to UMass Memorial Medical Center, where she passed away. Both the driver of the car that hit her, as well as a passenger inside the car, had to be treated for injuries as well.

Failure to yield is a big problem for motorcyclists; whenever a larger vehicle fails to yield to a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is often in big trouble. Due to their lack of external structure, motorcyclists can be difficult to see for drivers who are not actively aware and looking for all objects on the roads. A distracted driver can easily blow through a stop sign and strike a motorcycle, causing extreme injury and often death.

When a negligent driver runs a stop sign or otherwise does not yield to a motorcycle, the question of liability can often be answered with the help of a personal injury attorney. In this case, the accident is still under investigation by local authorities, but an accident victim – or his or her family if the accident is fatal – can consult with a motorcycle accident attorney immediately following the incident.

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