Confronting obstacles with the help of a workers’ comp attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Getting hurt at work is an experience that can range from being a hassle to a traumatic, life-altering event. From repetitive stress injuries to neck and back injuries to occupational diseases, the result of a work-related incident can dramatically change the course of one’s personal and professional life. While many in Worcester probably realize workers’ compensation benefits are available, what many may not know is how to get help with securing them.

At Ellis Law Offices LLP, a team of skilled and reliable professionals is available to help a work accident victim get back on his or her feet – sometimes literally. Following a workplace accident, an injured victim is likely to feel completely overwhelmed. After all, they are probably out of work, coping with medical expenses and unsure of how to get help. Moreover, many times a work accident victim is unsure of how to deal with insurance, rehabilitation and asserting one’s rights in the face of intimidation.

Why would a work accident victim need an attorney’s help? Unfortunately, there are often a host of obstacles for victims to overcome when a workplace injury occurs. The employer’s insurance carrier may stop paying even when a victim still needs care, or the insurance carrier might delay in paying-out funds. In addition, there may be issues with returning to work. For example, an employer might decide the injured accident victim is ready for work even if they aren’t yet fully recovered. On the other hand, the employer may decide the worker can no longer do his or her job even if that person qualifies for vocational rehabilitation. In either case, the attorneys at Ellis Law Offices know how to confront these obstacles and fight for the injured party’s rights.

Getting help with workers’ compensation claims can be as easy as scheduling a free initial consultation. The lawyers can then advise a worker on how best to proceed, eliminating the burden of figuring things out on one’s own in the midst of a difficult time. With more than a century of combined experience fighting for workers’ rights, the attorneys at Ellis Law are ready to handle your claim efficiently, professionally and compassionately.


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