West Brookfield crash typifies many motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Both during the summer and year-round, Worcester drivers need to be aware of everyone and everything on the road in front of them. Particularly during the warmer months, though, there are likely to be many different types of conveyances on local roadways, from bicycles to skateboards to motorcycles. Recently, a serious motorcycle accident resulted in injuries in West Brookfield; the accident typified many motorcycle wrecks which occur throughout the year.

The incident took place earlier this month when a motorcycle and a turning SUV collided on Route 9 on a Sunday evening. The SUV was attempting to turn left into a parking lot, and the motorcycle ran into the Ford Explorer’s side. The 43-year-old motorcyclist suffered not only scrapes and bruises but also a head injury. The driver of the SUV, as well as her passenger, were taken to a hospital as was the motorcyclist. In addition to the injuries suffered, both vehicles were also heavily damaged.

In many motorcycle accidents, a distracted driver does not notice a motorcycle when making a left turn. Looking only for larger vehicles, the driver then turns and may strike a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction. Failure to yield is always a serious violation, but failure to yield in front of a motorcycle can result in catastrophic injuries or death for the motorcyclist.

Victims of motorcycle accidents caused by a negligent party can seek recovery for damages. Medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering are all common damages in motorcycle collisions. Taking one’s case to a motorcycle accident attorney can be the first step in recovering both financially and emotionally from a wreck.

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