Study discovers link between carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines

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Being injured on-the-job could be a very serious situation. Employees and employers in Massachusetts should be aware that they could suffer a work related injury even if it is not due to a work accident. In some occupations employees are required to do repetitive work, which could lead to work-related injuries. This could result in even more serious conditions, causing workers to be out of work.

For manufacturers, laborers, construction workers and office workers, carpal tunnel syndrome is a known work injury that they could suffer due to the task they do on a daily basis. According to recent research, carpal tunnel could lead to other serious medical conditions such as migraines.

According to the study, the two conditions share some common systemic or neurologic risk factors, and thirty-four present of those suffering carpal tunnel syndrome also suffered migraines as opposed to only 16 percent of those without this nerve disorder.

Carpal tunnel syndrome includes symptoms such as hand numbness and weakness, which is presumably caused by repetitive pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. On the other hand, migraines are described as reoccurring neurological attacks that often involve symptoms such as a throbbing headache, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and even vomiting.

Researchers involved in this study discovered that people migraines were more than twice as likely to also suffer carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, researchers concluded that those suffering carpal tunnel syndrome were 2.6 times more likely to suffer migraines.

Based on these results, it is important that employees in certain occupations are aware of these correlations and receive the proper medical treatment for these medical problems. These work-related injuries could cause an employee to be out of work while they address their medical needs. Employees should be aware of the benefits they are entitled to such as workers’ compensation. This could help them cover costs such as medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages.

Whether it is a work-related injury or an injury or illness associated with a work accident, employees should be aware or their rights and legal remedies. This could help them avoid missing work and help them avoid serious long-term injuries or disorders.

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