What are some options for compensation after a truck accident?

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Any car accident can be devastating. Semi-truck accidents, however, can be more devastating and destructive than other accidents involving smaller vehicles. Commercial trucks can weigh thousands of pounds. That much weight travelling at high speeds creates a deadly, highly destructive force. Worcester residents who have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle know how devastating these accidents can be. But they may not know what their options are following such a crash.

Following a truck accident, victims and their families have a number of options. First, it is important to establish what kind of vehicle was involved. If a commercial vehicle was involved, then victims and families may have different options available to them. Commercial vehicles can include tanker trucks, delivery vehicles, eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailers and other large freight trucks. Some businesses may use standard pickup trucks, too.

If a commercial vehicle was involved, victims and families may choose to pursue legal action against the trucking company. A company may be legally liable in some circumstances if an employment relationship between the company and the driver can be proven. This falls under the legal theory of “respondeat superior.”

Sometimes, a truck accident may cause the victim to miss out on work. This can be financially damaging as a victim’s injuries may prevent them from earning the wages they need to live and support themselves. Thankfully, recovery sought in a personal injury lawsuit may include compensation for lost wages. Any earning capacity that was damaged, too, may also be compensated. Other forms of recovery may include compensation for medical expenses. This post is meant to provide general information only. In order to fully understand what a victim may be entitled to, it is often necessary to consult with a legal professional.

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