Taking action after a Massachusetts pedestrian crash

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Car Accidents

Residents in Massachusetts often do not realize how frequently and easily they are pedestrians. Whether they are walking in a residential area, in the cities, on the sidewalk, in a parking lot or in a crosswalk, pedestrians often travel near automobile traffic. This increases the dangers and risks presented to pedestrians and could result in a serious and even fatal pedestrian accident. Our law firm understands that victims of a pedestrian crash suffer greatly and incur many losses and damages during their recovery. This leaves victims and their loved ones questioning their rights and options in the situation.

When a driver is negligent due to speeding, distracted driving, reckless driving or failing to yield to pedestrian, they should be held accountable for the injuries and damages they cause in a collision with a pedestrian. Our attorneys understand the burdens of proof that need to be proven in cases involving negligent drivers. The investigation process will help prove these elements, determine cause, assign fault and hold the liable party accountable for their actions.

Accidents causing injuries, such as pedestrian crashes could leave a struck pedestrian suffering greatly and cause them to incur many costs associated with the injuries they suffered. Filing a cause of action, such a personal injury lawsuit could help the victim recover compensation to cover expenses, such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other associated damages.

Pedestrian accidents often result in grave injuries because it is difficult for a person to stand up to the size of a vehicle, even if they are traveling at slow speeds. It is important that injured pedestrians know their rights and are able to recover from the injuries and damages suffered in the crash. Our law firm’s car accident overview could help accident victims understand the options available to them. This also helps ensure their rights and interests are preserved and protected.


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