Unsafe working conditions on 3-story deck leave worker dead

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

When workers head out to a construction site in Worcester, they expect to know what they are getting into. Permits must be pulled and plans approved before work can begin. Failure to follow these steps can create unsafe working conditions, the kind that lead to serious or even fatal accidents.

Recently, two workers headed out to a job site just over an hour east of Worcester. The work was to involve the complete rebuilding of the back porches of a three-story building. However, the permit pulled had only been for the replacement of worn-out deck material. A permit for this type of job should reportedly have entailed submitting structural drawings for official approval.

Unfortunately, the issue only came to light after the third-floor porch collapsed while the workers were on it. One of them landed on the second floor porch, suffering severe injuries. The other tumbled 30 feet to the pavement below and landed on his head. Although 911 was promptly called, the second worker did not survive the fall.

An OSHA investigation is already underway into this construction site accident. Local inspectors are also reviewing whether to issue a violation to the permit applicant. These are important measures which can help prevent a future workplace injury accident, but they do not address the immediate concerns of injured workers and the families of deceased workers. Lost wages, medical expenses and other losses can prove difficult to manage in the wake of such an accident.

A workers’ compensation claim may be able to protect work accident victims and even provide benefits to their families if they lose their lives on the job. A legal professional can help answer any questions and begin the process of seeking compensation.

Source: The Boston Globe, “1 killed, 1 hurt in Jamaica Plain deck collapse,” Laura Crimaldi, Nov. 25, 2014


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