Toddler suffers scarring injuries from dog bite

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Last week, our Worcester personal injury law blog discussed the accident that left actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition. Morgan is not the only celebrity to have made news in recent weeks because of personal injury law issues. Two television stars are currently making headlines as they are the focus of a dog bite claim.

Robert McElhenny and Kaitlin Olson, stars of the syndicated television show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” were hosting a Father’s Day party at their home in 2012. One of the guests expressed concern to Olson that they let their German shepherd wander off-leash in the yard, despite the presence of young children among the guests at the party. Olson nevertheless did not restrain the dog.

Later, the neighbors were horrified when the dog attacked their 19-month old girl, biting her face and tearing open her cheek. The girl’s mother pulled the dog away from her little girl before any further harm could be done.

Now, the neighbors have filed a personal injury claim against the famous couple over the dog bite attack at their Father’s Day party. The young girl has suffered from scarring as a result of the dog bite. Surgery to repair scarring injuries like this is possible, but the young girl will not be able to undergo reparative surgery until she is a teenager.

The unfortunate reality is that victims of animal bite injuries like this too often have the burden of emotional pain to overcome in addition to the physical pain. Young children may have to grow up with disfiguring scars, not to mention fear and anxiety around dogs and other animals. And that is to say nothing of the medical expenses that treatments and surgeries involve.

For all of these reasons, dog bite injury victims often find that a personal injury claim against the pet owner is necessary in order to seek the compensation they need to overcome the pain and suffering and try to get on with life. A legal professional can help victims and their families asses liability and stand up for their rights and interests.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Dog-Bite Claims Against ‘Always Sunny’ Stars,” Matt Reynolds, June 18, 2014


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