Rider injured in motorcycle accident on dangerous Worcester road

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The winter of 2014 saw record-breaking cold temperatures and snow across many parts of the country. Here in Worcester, residents are finally putting the long cold winter behind them and beginning to engage in some of their favorite warm-weather pastimes once again. Motorcyclists in particular look forward to tuning up their rides and getting out on the open Massachusetts roads, which also makes springtime an important time for motorcyclists and other drivers alike to reflect on the serious danger that larger vehicles pose in the event of a motorcycle collision.

Just recently, a motorcycle and a pickup truck collided in front of a gas station on Route 20 in Worcester. An employee ran out of the station when she heard the motorcycle accident and saw the motorcyclist lying in the road with what she described as “severe facial injuries.” Fortunately the biker, a middle-aged man, was wearing his helmet; the gas station employee and a nurse who also came out to help at the scene kept the victim lying down until an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

The station employee noted that the pickup truck driver seemed shook up, although no injuries were reported on his part. She also observed that over the past few months, that section of Route 20 spanning from the Kas Bar to Grafton Street has seen a particularly concerning number of accidents.

Facial fractures and head injuries are all too common when a motorcycle collides with a larger vehicle like a car or pickup truck, and in many cases can prove fatal to motorcycle accident victims. Even when riders do survive, they may learn the hard way that personal injury protection policies in Massachusetts will not cover their medical bills unless additional coverage was purchased under Medpay.

However, Worcester motorcyclists faced with this scenario may still try to seek compensation for their medical bills from a negligent party who was at fault in the accident. A legal professional can often provide advice and assistance to accident victims seeking to recover for medical bills and other damages arising from a motorcycle accident.

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