Dog bites woman’s lip in Sandwich, victim hospitalized

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that millions of people are bitten or attacked by dogs every year in America. About 885,000 people suffer severe enough injuries to require some level of medical treatment for a bog bite. Many people require surgery after being attacked by a dog. In some cases a dog attack can be fatal.

Authorities responded to a call in East Sandwich, Massachusetts last weekend regarding a dog attack. A woman was bitten by a dog that belongs to an acquaintance of hers, according to the Cape Cod Times. Sources say that the woman asked her acquaintance if she could kiss the pit bull and boxer mix. Apparently, the dog attacked as she neared the dog.

The woman was taken to the trauma unit of an area hospital for treatment. Her overall condition has not been reveled in the media. However, police say that the dog bit off the woman’s lip in the attack. Sandwich Animal Control was called in to investigate the dog bite incident.

While the CDC reports that children and adult males are more often the victims of dog attack, people of all ages and each gender can suffer injury from a dog attack. There is a great deal of discussion in popular media about the types of dog breeds that may be involved in dog mauling incidents. However, most (if not all) breeds can inflict damage in an attack.

In general, Massachusetts law places the responsibility for the behavior of an animal upon its owner. Dog bite victims can suffer real harm in an attack. The harms may go beyond physical issues, including long-lasting psychological harms after an attack.

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