Tree trimmer killed in worksite accident in Ware, Massachusetts

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The tree care industry is known for having inherent dangers that can lead to serious, or even fatal, worksite accidents.

A worker with a Palmer, Massachusetts, tree service was killed in a worksite accident on Feb. 3. Authorities say that the 27-year-old accident victim was hit in the head while a crew was removing a tree in Ware, Massachusetts. The worker was manning a rope to guide the tree as it was being brought down when the worksite accident occurred. In is not clear what safety gear was being used, or of the victim was wearing a hard hat or safety helmet, according to The Republican.

The fatal workplace accident victim was working in a crew with two others. Authorities say that the accident was reported shortly before 12:30 in the afternoon.

Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate the fatal workplace accident. State and local authorities will also continue to investigate.

OSHA says that workers in the tree care industry can face a number of hazards on the job. Being hit by a falling tree or objects that are hurled into the air during a tree trimming operation are among many other types of hazards a tree trimmer may face.

Any industry that involves power tools, such as high speed saws, obviously presents equipment related hazards. Workers in the tree care industry may also face fall hazards. Power lines around trees can present the risk of serious injury or death for tree trimmers in Massachusetts.

Falls, being struck by objects and electrocutions are the top three leading causes of death in tree trimming and removal operations, according to federal workplace accident statistics.

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