Three Brandeis students injured in crosswalk accident in Waltham

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Police say that three Brandeis University students were struck by a car while crossing South Street in Waltham, Massachusetts, Sunday evening. The college students were walking in a crosswalk on campus while making their way to a party for the pro-football championship game. Authorities say that a 42-year-old Belmont, Massachusetts, resident was driving the vehicle involved in the serious car versus pedestrian accident. All three students suffered personal injuries in the accident.

Police say that a mix of the curving road and the crest of a hill make the crosswalk on South Street a dangerous location for pedestrians. Signs are in place to warn drivers of the crosswalk, but a Brandeis student (who was not involved in Sunday’s accident) told the Boston Globe that he doesn’t think drivers get enough of a warning about the crosswalk on the winding road. A sergeant with Waltham Police says that the crosswalk can be dangerous, especially after the sun goes down.

The serious accident was reported around 6:25 on Sunday evening. At least two of the students suffered head injuries. The third also may have suffered head trauma, as the third victim was found unconscious after the accident. Authorities took the injured students to Beth Israel. Two of the students had been released by Monday. The third accident victim remained at Beth Israel in serious, but stable condition.

The driver involved in the crash remained at the scene. No charges have been filed, as the investigation continues.

When a car hits a pedestrian, it does not need to be a high-speed crash to inflict serious injuries. Often, pedestrians can suffer broken bones or internal injuries when struck by a moving vehicle. However, as today’s story highlights, head injuries are also very possible in a pedestrian accident. A person may be thrown onto the hood of the car, striking the windshield. Head trauma may occur as a person is thrown to the ground, striking the pavement, a curb or other things near the accident scene.

Learning the complete details about what may have caused or contributed to a car accident is an important process, especially when a victim suffers injuries in a wreck. A complete independent investigation may reveal details about what happened and who may be at fault that may not otherwise be learned after an accident.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Peril at Brandeis road where 3 were struck,” Matt Rocheleau, Feb. 4, 2014


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