Scituate woman slams car into Cohasset hardware store

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Earlier this month we discussed a story about a car slamming into an apartment on the West Coast. That incident involved a police chase that resulted in a wreck. But, car accidents involving a building may occur without some kind of attempted get-away scenario.

Authorities say that a Scituate woman went to a hardware store hoping to buy some ice melt. Obviously, in wintry weather ice melt can be an important safety issue to help people avoid being involved in a slip-and-fall accident. However, the 51-year-old woman allegedly told authorities that the bag would be heavy, so she decided to pull her vehicle as close as possible to the store to load the product into her car.

Police say that the woman measures roughly 5-feet tall and had installed a homemade device in her car to help her reach the pedal. While backing her vehicle toward the front of the store, authorities say that she accidentally hit the gas pedal extender and slammed the car through the front of the establishment.

People inside scrambled to avoid the car barreling into the front of the hardware store. Thankfully, authorities say that nobody suffered personal injuries in the storefront accident. Cohasset police accuse the woman of negligence.

Accidents can come in all forms. As a culture, we often look to the location of an accident (such as a highway) or the time of day (or night) and jump to conclusions about what may have happened. A wreck on the highway–was speeding or tailgating involved? A wreck at 1:00 in the morning–was there alcohol involved?

Negligence of a driver is an important concept. Determining the facts in a specific situation is often vitally important for victims of a crash.

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