Felony suspect crashes car into apartment full of kids

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It’s always rough when a car hits a pedestrian on the street or even the sidewalk, whether in Massachusetts or anywhere. However, most of us feel protected from these dangers when we’re inside our homes. Unfortunately, one family in California learned the hard way that this is not always the case: A pedestrian accident can even occur inside a building.

In a scene straight out of a low-grade action movie, police were chasing a suspect with a felony warrant. The vehicle pursuit ended at 4:40 p.m. when the suspect crashed his Honda CRV into a tree, and then barreled into the front door of an apartment in a complex on Osler Street. According to reports, the apartment was filled with young children, including a newborn. Moments before the accident, the children had decided to leave that area and head upstairs. While none of the apartment residents were reportedly injured in this pedestrian accident, the random decision these children made may have been what saved their lives.

When a pedestrian crosses a street intersection, they are usually on the defensive, conscious of navigating moving vehicles. If you’re in the living room enjoying a movie night with your kids, you probably aren’t worrying about getting struck by a car. This is one of the many reasons so much damage is possible in these rare but very real types of accidents.

While the family is lucky to have experienced only property damage instead of lost lives or injuries, they deserve compensation for that damage. Not only will it be costly to repair their house, but in the meantime their living situation, safety and comfort are compromised. They also reportedly cleaned up a lot of the mess themselves, which may have impacted their schedules and been an additional hassle. Valuables and sentimental keepsakes may have been destroyed.

An accident that breaks down the front door of a house is either the result of a medical problem like a seizure or heart attack, or more likely, an extremely negligent driver. The fact that this driver was already being pursued for a felony offense may count against him. Hopefully the family will seek a local personal injury attorney to help them obtain the justice they deserve. In Massachusetts, pedestrians injured in accidents also have the same rights to seek compensation for their pain, suffering, injuries and loss of property or life.

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