School bus crashes in Falmouth, sending 10 to hospital

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Police are investigating an accident that sent 10 kids to the hospital Tuesday morning in Falmouth, Massachusetts. CBS Boston reports that a bus transporting elementary school kids crashed into a utility pole roughly one block from the school. The force of the impact caused electrical wires to cascade down onto the roadway. Police say that the bus driver kept the elementary school kids on the bus—and potentially safe from further harm—in the frantic moments after the accident, until emergency responders could arrive.

Police say that the bus driver reports that a box truck cut-off the bus a little before 9:00 Tuesday morning on Thomas Landers Road in Falmouth. The bus driver reacted by swerving to avoid the box truck. The bus ran off the pavement and slammed into the utility pole.

The bus was carrying first- through fourth-grade kids to school when the accident disturbed the morning trek to school. Police say that 10 kids suffered some level of personal injury. Authorities describe the injuries as minor. The bus driver refused treatment at the scene, according to CBS Boston.

The allegations surrounding the accident highlight how the movement of vehicles in traffic can result in a motor vehicle accident, even when there apparently is no contact between the vehicles. A driver avoiding an accident may run into objects along the roadside.

A car may also swerve to avoid one vehicle and strike another vehicle in traffic. These collisions that are spurred by the actions of a driver who leaves the scene without making contact with any other vehicle can be complicated.

Source: WBZ CBS Boston, “Falmouth School Bus Accident Sends 10 Children To Hospital,” Oct. 29, 2013


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