Spencer Police: Ford broadsides motorcycle in intersection

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Intersections can be among the most dangerous places for a motorcyclist. Even in relatively low speed crashes at an intersection a motorcyclist mat suffer serious or life-threatening injuries. Inattention, speeding, the failure to yield and many other things can lead to a crash in an intersection, and because a rider is essentially exposed to a much greater extent than a person in a car, riders may often suffer serious injuries (or worse) in a wreck.

Authorities continue to review the circumstances surrounding a fatal motorcycle accident in Spencer, Massachusetts, Saturday night. A man was killed and his wife was severely injured in the wreck at a Spencer intersection. Police have been evaluating whether or not charges should be filed related to the fatal accident.

Spencer police say that a husband and wife were riding a Harley Davidson south on Meadow Road in Spencer shortly before 11:00 Saturday night. At the same time, a man was traveling to the east on Smithfield Road. The driver of the car reached to intersection with Meadow and attempted to cross the road.

Police say that the Harley was struck broadside in the intersection by the Ford heading east on Smithfield. Authorities say that a stop sign is located at the intersection on Smithfield Road.

A 54-year-old woman was flown to a hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, with serious injuries including compound fractures to her leg. Her husband, a 58-year-old South Barre resident was also taken to UMass Memorial, where authorities say he succumbed to his injuries.

The 41-year-old driver of the car involved in the wreck reportedly suffered chest pains after the crash and was evaluated before being released from the hospital.

Source: The Republican, “Accident kills motorcyclist, critically injures another in Spencer,” Michelle Williams, Aug. 5, 2013


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